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Wonder Flavours - Cola Gummy Candy SC

Testing hardware setup:
HCigar VT75D, Psyclone Citadel RDA, n80 22g 0.35Ω at 50 watt/4.2 volt

Manufacture description:
Ever tasted cola-flavoured gummy candies? Those who have will be brought back to their childhood with this cola gummy candy flavouring! Make sure to add this flavour to your cart to enjoy this classic candy!

Test results:
Tested at 4.0%, 30/70, 0mg

Shake and vape:
The cola flavor in it is very similar to what you would get from the Haribo cola gummy (non sour/powdered edition). It is nice and sweet, slight sour accent but mellow and there is currently only slight gummy to it.

3 days steep:
The sour note comes through a little bit more, else no other change.

10 days steep:
The flavor has become a bit stronger and gummy coming through more which made it more authentic to a Haribo cola gummy.

20 days steep:
No significant change.

Suggested usage:
Accent: 1%, Background: 1.5%, Main: 3%, Standalone: 4%

These flavor notes are based on my personal experience and since taste is subjective and everyone have their own personal preference my opinion may differ from yours.

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