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Wonder Flavours - Crepe

Testing hardware setup:
HCigar VT75D, Psyclone Citadel RDA, n80 22g 0.35Ω at 50 watt/4.2 volt

Manufacture description:
Crepe has to be one of the most versatile desserts to have ever been introduced to the world of sugary treats! This flavour features a doughy texture with a slightly creamy sweet taste and a mild spice undertone that will go well with wide variety of mixes! This flavour would clearly work well in pancake mixes, but also wafers, pastries, donuts, and many more! Be sure to add this to your cart!

Test results:
Tested at 4.0%, 30/70, 0mg

Shake and vape:
Slightly doughy and eggy with a thin batter taste and texture, got a little buttermilk sourness to it and a bit white sugar. It get a little crisp note on exhale which lingers.

3 days steep:
No big change. It got a little more eggy and the batter settled a bit but still protruding.

10 days steep:
The batter note has turned more savory with some cinnamon and clove notes to it and the dough has become slightly fried.

20 days steep:
No significant change.

Suggested usage:
Accent: 1%, Background: 1.5%, Main: 2.5%, Standalone: 3.5%

These flavor notes are based on my personal experience and since taste is subjective and everyone have their own personal preference my opinion may differ from yours.